Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh, Our Terrible Leaders

Which side are you on???

Just when you thought people would stop worrying about whether Al-Qaeda could be defeated be generous donations of Gold-Bond and Baby Wipes, out comes a completely unnecessary comment from the leadership at SBA (the organization that gave you "Beer And Trivia Night At McGann's", "The 1L Harbor Booze Cruise", and "Shit Faced Thursdays").  Pertinent highlights after the jump...
Suffolk University Law School has a proud history of public service.  Whether alumni and current students that have served as Members of the Armed Services, or extending legal aid throughout the Greater Boston Area, the Suffolk Lawyer has always been committed to using education and experience to serve others.
We are writing to renew our invitation to all students who wish to support our troops to give generously to the Armed Services and Law Enforcement Care Package Supply Drive.  For those interested please see the collection bin on the 4th Floor or contact REDACTED FOR TROLLZ. The Drive is available for students to take the opportunity to make their support for the troops known through the action of giving.
Maybe this was in response to Above The Law taking a poke at the effusive, knee-jerk emails issued by our fearfulless leaders, Barry "Big Time" Brown and whoever that lady is who's the new dean (hahaha, it's Camille Nelson; seriously though, who is she??).  Or perhaps it has something to do with  Yahoo News picking up the ball at the goal posts and running it into the stands yesterday.

But It's Not All Bad News

Okay okay, so everyone in the legal profession thinks we're all a bunch of boners and we owe so much money that our debt seems pretend.  But scroll down to the comments section at the end of the Yahoo article - there are actually some sensible responses from citizens and soldiers alike.  So while we as students are going to have to prepare for the fruits sowed by shitful administration, at least the people we mortgaged our futures to represent aren't all bad.

Yeah, I'm not really relieved by that, either.

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