Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Packagegate Casualties Continue to Rise

Goodnight sweet, oversensitive adjunct faculty Prince
Man, Packagegate never dies.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the local Fox affiliate is involved, and loves a good horse kicking.  So the latest kerfuffle comes by way of Not-Quite-Professor Major Robert Roughsedge, a soldier who has a prefect name for fighting the good fight in Afghanistan and making inane, irrational public statements.  He resigned from SULS this week, stating his concerns over a certain professor's now well known email.  Do I even need to link it again?  Fuck.  Fine.  Okay, more from the Major after the jump...
Maj Roughsedge was steamed.  And also has a knack for dramtically overgeneraling, as this quote from a conservative talk radio program on WTKK (via the Herald) indicates: 
To Professor Avery, I am simply a killer. ... Taking action against Professor Avery would in no way threaten academic freedom at Suffolk any more than firing a professor who reveals membership in the Ku Klux Klan.”
Yup, makes perfect sense.  Criticism of the military equates to membership in a virulently racist hate group.  Before you know it, Avery is going to start burning yellow ribbons on the lawns of VFWs across the state.  Panic!!! 

You know, maybe we should be less worried that the Major has bailed on us (and maaaayyybe was the source of the initial leak to begin with, given the fact that the same WTKK show broke the story?) and more concerned that this guy - who was ostensibly employed to teach students - is much more interested in grandstanding and undercutting the reputation of his erstwhile employer.

So that's a fucking mess.

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