Thursday, June 19, 2014

Don't Underestimate Mnemonic Ballads

Okay Barriors, it's the time of year when mnemonics start making up a big part of your life.  Some are better than others, like MIMIC for exceptions to admissibility of character evidence (motive, intent, mistake, identity, and common scheme) or FUBAR (I don't need to explain it - you're living it).  You know, the classics that sum up common situations.  But mnemonics can be sooooo boring, right?  Peeugh stinky!  That's when you need a catchy tune get your toes tapping and your mind working!  Unfortunately, I couldn't find any of those, so try some of these out in case you were looking for a late night video of people who have been warped by the practice of law into beings that almost act like people.

Insanity Defense:  BARBRI hoodie and crazy eyes tells me were learning with someone intimately associated with the subject matter:

Hearsay Exceptions:  If you think about it, Legos are a lot like the bar exam: if you can't figure how stuff fits together, you're going to be tempted to smash the shit out of that thing that took forever to work on and currently looks less like the Death Star and more like an autistic kid's 3D rendition of a smile.

The Ballad of the CPLR:  Sure New Yorkers, you'll have a hard copy of the Civil Practice Law and Rules that you'll be able to consult when you're an admitted attorney, but who knows when some obscure reference that you picked up while memorizing material for the Bar will pop in an save the day!  Never.  The answer is never.

So that's it.  Next time you're in a jam and can't make a fact stick in your memory just set it to song!  If you do, please make a video so we can all learn from it.

*the exception is this commercial! which should be watched over and over again.

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