Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lots of Agony, Not So Much Ecstacy

 If you're studying for the bar, chances are you're feeling a little overwhelmed.  This is a typical response to the stress that comes from realizing you have a few months to learn all of the stuff you missed during law school, like which covenants run with the land or all of criminal procedure.  Here are some handy tips:

  1. This too shall pass!  Which means your tribulations will end sooner than you think!  Probably as you're being carted off to a cell at a place where scissor handling is strictly monitored.
  2. Look at that ship!  It just keeps going.  Blaragahgahaghgaghghghhhh.  Fun. Tell your friends that this is what it feels like every time you go to a review session.
  3. Do you still have friends?  Give that some time.
  4. A nice crying jag is a great way to keep people from crowding you on public transportation.
  5. If you pass this goddamn thing, you're going to have to actually practice law.  Ugh.
Oh this is fun!  Somebody tell me what subject BarBri is on.  I just want to know how Paula Francese is doing.

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