Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Warning: Some Strippers May Be Dishonest

Only one of these people looks like a stripper, and it ain't the lady.  

This isn't legal news per se, but it does involve some things lawyers love: money and people degrading themselves... for money.  Seems like strippers at NYC club have been drugging and robbing patrons.  If you've been to a strip club before, you probably know this is more or less par for the course ($15 bud bottle say what?).   According to reports, strippers would go on "fishing expeditions" in Manhattan in order to find dupes to drug and then lure to clubs like Scores.  Which begs the question:  does a guy need to be drugged in order to be taken to a strip club by a strange lady?  That sounds less like the theory from a charging document and more like the beginning of some terrible erotica.

One "victim" is alleged to have racked up a $130k tab which he refuses to pay, as he was unwilling to give consent while hopped up drugs, booze, and whatever lotion strippers use to fade caesarean scars.

It's hard to determine who the winner will be when everyone is a loser.  Face.

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